Academic Research: Transformation of art museums and art galleries.

Constructs of Expedience / Places of Experience: National Art Galleries and the Formulation of national imaginaries.

In this study I consider whether the state institution of the Iziko South African National Gallery (ISANG) can fulfil this task of narrating a national imaginary in the postcolony, given the financial neglect of the institution by the postcolonial state. I explore the formulation and narration of a post-apartheid national imaginary through a critical analysis of four exhibitions which all draw exclusively or extensively from ISANG’s permanent collection. The survey period of 1994 to 2019 allows for the emergence of a new South African national imaginary to be explored through a range of discourses including rainbowism, the African Renaissance, ethnic particularism and supranational identities. MA (Visual Studies). Stellenbosch University (2021).

Academic Papers & Presentations

        • Lest we forget: Safeguarding the legacy of artists and their work. Moderated by Elizabeth Gorayeb, Executive Director, The Wildenstein Plattner Institute, New York. Investec Cape Town Art Fair. February 2024.
        •  Decolonial Strategies and Challenges. Luigi Di Sarro, Rome, Italy. October 2023.
        • A Mountain and a Tree; a Region and a Painted Garden: examples of public memorialisation and the management of culture. Balancing Ecology and Economy Conference. Amazwi South African Museum of Literature. March 2023.
        • From the National English Literary Museum to Amazwi South African Museum of Literature: a brief review of a process to extend this museum’s mandate to include the literatures of all the indigenous languages in South Africa. 86th South African Museums Association. National Conference. September 2022.
        • Decolonial process for museum exhibitions. International Museum Summit. Nelson Mandela Museum, Mthatha, South Africa. February 2022.
        • Supranational Identity and Decoloniality. Making and Interpreting Art in 2021. Conference & Exhibition.  Hosted by NRF Research Chair in South African Art and Visual Culture, in the Faculty of Art, Design & Architecture, at the University of Johannesburg. May/June 2021.
        • Research article based on observation made in three different regions in Brazil. Who is in Charge of a Nation’s Imaginary?